General construction take-off

Type Of Offer/Cost Estimating

Description Package1 Package2 Package3

Title Take-off Takeoff & Pricing Take-off, pricing, Addendums

Scope of work Take-off civil, structural and architectural All package 1 scope plus pricing Packages 1 & 2 plus addendums

# of Revisions 3 3 3

Completion Time (Calendar Days) 10 12 15


About the package(s):

Package 1:
This package includes the detailed take-off of civil, structural and architectural drawings of the project of up to 4 story buildings.

No actual site visit included.

Package 2:
All scopes in package 1 plus pricing of labor, equipment and materials:

Scopes in packages 1 & 2 are all included plus addendums. 


Complete civil, structural and architectural drawings.

Package1   $1100

Title: Take-off
Desc: Take-off civil, structural and architectural
Revisions: 3
Completion Time: 10 Days


 Jade P.

Country: United States
State: New York
Expertise: Cost Estimating general construction
Experience: 15
Hourly Rate: $35
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